Until Saturday’s photos are uploaded…

Hardly took out my camera but others were clicking away so I will see that in the days to come, I suppose.

Dst 32.48km, Tms 1:35:29 (6.25am-8.00am), Avs 20,3km/h, Mxs 53.5km/h (Loyang Ave). Had to pump that back tyre again. Suspect a very slow leak but saddle bad has a puncture kit and spare tubes so I’m not too worried. But got to be careful about timing allocation for rides. Ladybug could not believe we’d reach Changi in 90mins but its possible on a weekend early morning by staying on the road and off the PCN.

Received the Pedal Ubin group allocated to me—they turned out mainly to be recent NUS graduates. We did a slow ride to the Sensory Trail, Sungei Ubin, Pekan Quarry Heronry, German Girl Shrine, Ketam Bike Park, and the very high tides added to the scenic nature of the ride. I had to bail out a couple and led them back towards the village while a roving fellow guide led my group to the shrine. I caught up with them at the mountain bike trail and it was scorching hot by then! However, a few of the group were so relaxed from my leisurely pace that morning that they decided to head out to Chek Jawa before lunch.

Also interviewed a prospective Toddycat whom I realised I had met on Chek Jawa before when I was recently digging for a polychaete. She was also our first “casualty” in a few years but we were not going fast as usual so she just picked up a few superficial scratches from a fall near the German Girl Shrine. The first aid kit as whipped out of course and generously applied, ending with Brave Soldier.

Pedal Ubin guides and some other Toddycats holed up after the ride and played some games amongst other things. The lousy players (myself amongst them) were much more exciting to watch, poor play prompting the guides to shout out warnings and advise. You can play BattleCity online these days but this console was hunted down by I & T to relive simpler days. The attempt at Bingo was mind-numbing and we agreed we’d have to gain half a century and lose a few teeth before we’d be content to play that again.

Dismantled bikes into a cab’s booth to rush back for an evening with some marine biologists and friends. I could hardly stand by late evening and beat a hasty retreat before midnight. Anyway there are cats to feed. Thawing and toasting the fish was hell when Iw as that tired, but Mr Bats came to wake me when the fish had cooled!


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