Tiger enjoying a snooze

Tiger has had me a little worried lately, he’s been a little less active, eating less and his fur has been reddish around the eyes.

However, the reddishness could be due to his sparring bouts with the others that take place at night. He can get feisty but usually pulls his shots, unlike Xylo and Mr Bats. So he is usually worse off where such marks are concerned. But the reddishness seems a little different this time.

He always feed much less than Mr Bats and Xylo but now it seems his dry food in take is reduced considerably; he is certainly unenthusiastic. But he’s always been a wet food enthusiast and waits for that night meal. Meanwhile, Mr Bats and Xylo have become more demanding about dry food – either our reduction plan has worked or they are in need of behavioural enrichment. We should repack one of the rooms since they love a messy place!

Has Tiger been slightly less active than usual? He’s not a senior cat as yet – he’s only about five years old and it takes roughly another three years for that classification. But Tiger has always been rather laid back – even going limp in a strangers hands – except for those occasional sparring bouts when he can surprisingly kick Xylo’s and Mr Bats’ butts.

All the symptoms are far from serious but enough to have me worried. Time for his vet to investigate.


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