relaunched, Kenneth to make video

We’ve been fans of Heritage.TV since NHB staff began experimenting with it in September 2008. It was launched, erm yesterday, along with the new look of

The raw feel made it approachable and the information is interesting. Easily accessible short clips have a higher chance of being watched than an entire episode of Sight and Sound, even though I’m a fan of the latter.

Kenneth went for the launch yesterday and is quoted in the The Straits Times today. We’ll be waiting for the video, Kenneth!

The idea of contributing home-made heritage videos appeals to some, such as Mr Kenneth Pinto. The 31-year-old assistant manager at the National University of Singapore says: ‘I find Heritage TV very engaging. The format and presentation of the videos are very simple.

‘I just might make a video on the history of my primary school, St Anthony’s Boys’ School in Victoria Street. The school has relocated but the building is still there.’

Okay Kenneth, we’re gonna wait for you to get that done now!