Found my old Kruger wildlife log

This log is from my visit to Kruger National Park after an otter conference there in 1993. I went with my colleague from Sweden., Thomas, who a was great companion. A European and an Asian on Africa -we had to spend some time acquiring the search image for the wildlife there. I remember Thomas was also willing to stake out some places to appreciate the ambience as much as to see the wildlife.

Interspersed in the list of animal sightings are film types – prints and slides. If I can dig them up, I’ll digitise some images for class. I have been telling some of the stories stories during my animal behaviour class and it’d be nice to show relevant photos.

It’ll be interesting to see how easy it is to find all these places on Google Maps these days!

*** Found my slidetalk outline; gosh it must have been a two hour session ***

12 SEP 1993 – 17 SEP 1993

12 Sep 1993
Impalas, elphants, kudu, giraffe. BERG EN DAL

13 Sep 1993
C: elephant (4), giraffe, Impala, kudu; A: Vervet monkey (4, 3), kudu (7, 3, 5), wildebeest (~10), Southern Yellowbilled Hornbill, Tree Squirrel, girrafe (3), impala; D: Red-billed Oxpecker (>5), Ground Hornbill (2), Giraffe, Dwarf mongoose, Snake, PRINTS 1049: zebra (>20), giraffe (2), warthog (elephant waterhole); 1108: zebra, wildebeest, impala herds, Chacma baboon; 1117: Hippo (1, 3?), Crococdile, Giraffe (3, 2), Secretary birds? (2), African fish eagle (2), Helmeted guineafowl (5); 1212: Baboon troop (TSHOKWANA), girafe (2, 2, 1); 1241: elephants (6); 1312: waterbuck (1), Baboon troop, SLIDES; 1402: leopard resting (1km before Satara), zebra wildebeest, steenbok? (1) PRINT Scenery, Vulture/Cheetah with kill (H1-4, road to Letaba, before Ngotso Dam) 1530 SLIDE Black Kerhan, female (1); 1646: Helemeted guineafowl (>15), elephant; 1649: giraffe on road (3), termite hills; S96/S131/S47 – 1725: ducks, buffalo (6) (N’wanetsi River); 1731: elephant herd (>12?, Mingerhout Dam). LETABA

14 Sep 1993
0615 Giraffe (6); 0630 Lilacbreasted Roller; 0646: Baboon troop; 0701: Impala, Hyaena (north way to Engelhard dam) (4), views of dam; 0727 Vultures (>10), Waterbuck (4); 0736: zebra (lots), dwarf mongoose?, circling vultures; 0807: Kori bustard, buffalo (4), zebras; 0900: antelope, termite hills, Martial eagle, elephant; 1416: elephants (2) (Maswidzudzu); 1545: Sable (male + 2 females), elephants at 15m (2). LETABA

15 Sep 93
left Letaba 0600, 0610: spotted hyaenas (3); 0648: steenbok?; 0650: MINGERHOUT DAM: elephants trumpeting, yellowbilled kite, african fish eagle; 0710: (river), ducks (2), baboon troop, zebra/wildebeest, giraffes (6), waterbuck (5, 2); 0900: double-banded sandgrouse, giraffe, impala; FUJICOLOR200 0948: Bateleur; 1030: pied kingfisher, blacksmith plover, african jacana; 1049: RATEL PAN: warthog (2), pregnant zebra, grey lourie, vegetation E – thorn veld; 1535: hyaena, balck-backed jackal (SWENI – S126, between Satara and Mudzendzeni); 1630: lappetfaced, white-backed vultures, blackbacked jackal, eagle/kite?; 1728: impala, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, baboon troop, diseased giraffe? FUJICOLOR400. TALAMATI

16 Sep 93
Jackals (2), impala, baboon troop, kudu; 0830: zebra (>100), wildebeest (>50) (1st waterhole on S126 from H1-3); Mhisana Maud: baboon troop; 0955: warthog (2); 1145-1325: LUGMAG DAM: Lions (2 males + 3 females), elephants (4), zebras, waterbuck, giraffe, impala; 1248: Sable (3) (after MANZIMHLOPHE); 1615: VERVOER DAM: Saddlebilled stork, Blacksmith plover; 1700-1730: SHITLHAVE DAM: White Rhino. PRETORIUS KOP

17 Sep 93
morning: babbon troop on rocks, elephant on road.

The Battle of Singapore…

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