w902 wallpaper

Xylo is my phone's wallpaper now. This shot is from testing the phone's camera out of the box.


Mangrove mapping

When detail is required in our very heterogeneous mangroves in order to track animal movement, the resolution afforded by a GPS is too inaccurate. Since Google Maps for the Buloh mangrove patch we are working in is tragically covered by clouds, detailed mapping is a critical step for this and future work. So its back to the Murphyian tape, compass and clipboard days for me, a tradition in our mangroves dating back tot he late-80's. 

The student has to hold the compass though, not me. For she has to learn, make mistakes, get frustrated by inexplicable plots back in dry land and plan a remapping. I have to exercise restraint and remember that it was my mistakes as much as my successes that honed my skill.

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Smooth-coated Otter in Sungei Buloh mangroves

13 Feb 2009 – One of the Toddycats, Teo Kah Ming was assisting one of Ecolab's honours student Theresa Su, on her mangrove mudskipper field trip and was rewarded with an encounter of a "scampering  Smooth-coasted otter," Theresa reported. The otter disappeared into the bush, after swiping at something in the mud, probably a mudskipper.

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