What is that green spot?

What is that green patch we saw from the Singapore Flyer on a department staff outing? The Singapore Flyer is located at the southern end of Singapore and many of the biodiversity folk were using the opportunity to peer into the surroundings like they usually do fro airplanes, to look for green spaces—it was actually depressing with loads of construction going on.

But then we spied a green patch in the distance which had some of us arguing, really in disbelief (this photo is clearer than the view we had) but in the end there was no doubt about what it was. 

Besides being testament to how flat Singapore is, the scene certainly highlights how precious it is. How I wish we could say our green spaces were secure for the long-term. This morning, Melissa Lois Koh Wen Hui argued for many of us when she wrote in Today Online, "Leave my green spot alone."

Hint: See image below;
A = Kallang Stadium, B = Singapore Flyer

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8 thoughts on “What is that green spot?

  1. From Google Earth, it seems to be part of the Paya Lebar Airbase complex where it resembles to have fragmented patches of trees with some unknown facilities within. Do you think so too?

  2. yep i agree.far too much land being eaten up here too.wondered if you guys in singapore have any reclaimed land area like many parts of the netherlands or in the uae etc?.need to make far better usage of what our tech age gives us now.far to easy to build our way into floods like here in the uk.

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