Google Calendar

I last examined online calendars once again in 2007 and it was clear by then that Google rules, especially with someone who needs to share information actively and is already using Google various other functions. Google Calendar has an intuitive interface, a useful quick addition feature and easy to use sharing and collaborative functions. Besides having my own calendar online, it has been very helpful with project management.

  • My research students and I share our calendars – a useful way to to look for gaps for possible field trip dates or meetings and for them to book me for field trips by sharing an event.
  • The Toddycats calendar which all the project managers can update is shared online publicly. This has ensured we avoid clashes with our dates and maintain and updated online calendar.
  • Subscription or addition options are available and my calendar is enhanced by Singapore Public Holidays, Moon Phases and Sembawang Tides. And yes, even the weather for Singapore is available, which I have found useful.

And the GCal sidebar embeds in GMail are a bonus.

Different colours reflect our different calendars. These can be turned on or off.

Example of event sharing – I’m booked for a field trip.

Now that I carry an iPod Touch, my reliance on GCal increased to the point that my paper diary is mainly a field log that I can leave at the office – useful mainly as a field log and a backup record and for when I’m verifying transport claims.

Sync-ing GCal with iCal has been possible via Plaxo since 2007 at least. More recently, it has been possible on Leopard to sync individual calendars via a one-time setup tool called Calaboration. I saw mention of Calgoo Connect as well, but I have not tried this.

Excerpt from iCal view synced from GCal.

If you have been searching for a method that suits your needs, do google the topic since solutions are always emerging.

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