Mean looking storm approaches, field trip suspended

A mean-looking storm is approaching from the south-west. Enough for TSLT, the senior muddy student to tentatively call off our field trip. We meant to take canopy readings and light conditions so it would have ben pointless in an overcast sky. In an intense thunderstorm, its pretty hard to take readings anyway, even if we both don't wear glasses.

We refereed to the NEA webpages which are great for field workers and anyone who needs to be outdoors,. There are a few to look at:
  1. Now cast and forecast in three-hourly blocks – link
  2. Rain areas animation of the past four hours to figure out what's likely to happen – link
  3. Rain locations in Singapore – radar observations within the last 15 minutes, which I use often when  students or volunteers are out in the field without me – link
Using these, I once SMS-ed a student to warn about getting out of a field site due to approaching heavy rain and lightning (during intense work, sometimes people forget to look up). Even as they went for cover, the student SMS-ed back to say they felt the first drops reach them. 
Well for now, I'll catch up with admin and hope there are strong winds to blow the rain away.

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