NTU Bike Rally 2009: Preparations

We’re leaving at 5.00am tomorrow to ride down to the NTU Bike Rally 2009 start point and waterproofing might come in useful, as always. KX is coming from the far west, and will probably taste the rain before we do.

We’ll reach ECP before 6.00am, register and fight off the aircon in Mc’s long enough to grab coffee. And then sette down for flag off. This year Lekowala will be with (or way ahead of) us, along with a bunch of the usuals!

Time to check the packing list…

  • Helmet, helmet rear light
  • Clear glasses and sunglasses (King’s Safety Goggles)
  • Bike jersey and Arm warmers
  • Gloves
  • Bike pants – the padded Adidas
  • Knee guard (going to need it!)
  • Socks, Ankle reflectors, Shoes (regular ones; I use a pedal cage)
  • Handlebar: Speedometer, front light , wipe mirror, check bell, handphone (alarm set), handphone pouch
  • Saddle pack: Crank Brothers pump, spare inner tube, bike puncture kit, First Aid kit w/Brave Soldier
  • Rear lights (two)
  • Water bottles (2 x 0.8L)
  • Camelpak w/1.5L Nalgene bladder, Gatorade powder, house keys
  • Credit cards, ATM card, NRIC, Organ donor card, cash
  • Deep heat and sunblock lotion

Set my alarm for 4am and hope for good weather.