The Google Forms turtle

Somehow an ad hoc explanation about Google Forms to s department admin officer turned out a turtle, erm, playing handball. She was confused about the URL to forward users (dept teaching staff in this case) and which data they would not be able to view without publication, etc. I had showed her the ropes very briefly the week before in order to setup the field studies module registration for current 3rd year students. That worked out very well and now she’s gotten ambitious and was juggling a 26 field form. She got stumped at a critical step and a quick sketch when I passed by her table helped to fix the immediate problem. Can you figure out what I was telling her? No one dies in this illustration, even if it seems so!

For a proper grasp of the concepts and shortcuts, I had promised her a workshop soon but had been bogged down. Since she deals with data recruitment and sharing on a daily basis, its urgent. She’s a keen student so I’ve identified a slot on Friday and will invite the few others I’ve promised workshop to.

Google Forms has helped me maintain my sanity this past year, so I have to spread the love!


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