My provisional Semester I time table

This schedule is just about confirmed for the new term. It al depends on enrollment, space and persuasion so it’s nice to see it has worked out comfortably for me – no rushing between venues, thankfully. I love a fresh morning start but there are also no 8am lectures – still, most students moan about this, even the hostelites, so its good.

The new module, LSM2251 may have its practicals replaced with a day-long Saturday field trip instead but we’ll sort that out later. Monday morning lectures at LT23 are useful for a quick swig of coffee before revving students up for the week ahead.

There are no free days so Wednesday afternoons is the best time for honours student consultation – most of them will be in the Marine Biology module in the first Semester so that leaves the afternoon. If I need to accompany them in the field, its good that there are mornings and afternoon in case of the tide.

Thankfully first year Biodiversity has the most preparation time – most of Tuesday as I will be trying the most number of new things with this module. And the Friday practical slot is ideal for those who want to stay back. I only wish Biodiversity was in LT25 and not LT26. The former is my favourite LT and is great for interaction, pacing around and climbing up and down the stairs to find some hapless soul to answer questions. Venue changes do happen depending on eventual enrollment, so we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “My provisional Semester I time table

  1. Bro, I’m with ACRES. Wanna go nature trail at Sungei Buloh or any place you suggest one of these days? Drop me a line at my email address. Thanx.

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