Have you seen Lyssa zampa recently?

Please let me know if you see this moth around. It’s been spotted in one or two places only recently. This one I saw in RJC when I went down for a talk. The last time we saw loads was in 2005.

Send your records to http://lyssazampa.sivasothi.com/
And photos if any to: habitatnews@sivasothi.com

For more about Lyssa zampa, see Habitatnews


22 thoughts on “Have you seen Lyssa zampa recently?

  1. Hi Otterman,

    I saw this beauty just at my void deck in Woodlands just a few days back..

    I normally saw this insect once every 2 months or so especially during the mid afternoon or after a light showers.My block is located opposite of Republic Polytechnic main carpark.That area used to be a jungle before RP was “born”.There’s a still a small jungle which I venture out with my 3yrs old gerl to get her adapt to nature & managed to see this flying insects on bark of trees & clinging on to the leaves at times.

    If i’m not wrong they are not buttefly but rather a moth.


  2. Thanks Riz! Nice to know your kid is getting exposure of the ambience of a forest when young – good job!

    I think I’d better start asking on Habitatnews again. I have had a three sightings but more might come in once I ask. DOubt if it will be as numerous as 2005 but a smaller incidence.

  3. There’s one hanging around my front door. Was so afraid the moth will run into my home when I open the door and get attacked by my cats.

  4. Common name – the Swallow-tailed Moth:
    “Its attitude at rest is very much like that of a specimen set and pinned in a collection, and its colour is a dark chocolate brown with an oblique white stripe across both wings and the hind wings tailed and tipped with white.” – MWF Tweedie & JL Harrison, 1954. Malayan Animal LIfe. Reprinted 1970. Longman Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. 237pp.

  5. on June 9 there was 1 at the entrance of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, when I came back to work on the 10th there were no less than 6 at the entrance to Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

  6. Oh no. One just outside my door, above gate that side of wall. So afraid because the wings keep wriggling… scared it dropped onto the floor suddenly. How? I’ve phobia for gigantic moth/butterfly :(( Why did it return?!!

  7. Many sighting of these beauties around Sri petaling recently, looks like it’s a pattern. Every 2-3 years we are having like a population boom…..

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