Marine debris recce at Sungei Mandai Kechil mangrove

We won’t be including Mandai mangrove in the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore programme yet although the mangrove arm began there in 1997. This is partly due to safety and impact issues but also, I would like to first get an appreciation of the distribution of clusters of ground-feeding insect diversity.

The load is high but not unsurprising. 

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Photos inserted via Flickery

Nearly stepped on a nightjar…

…as I made my way into Mandai mangrove. Luckily the ground-nesting bird was more alert than I was. Guess if you sit around motionless during the day in the bush, this can happen. I was preoccupied with plotting an alternative entry int the mangrove to avoid recent tree falls.    

When saving the jpeg file, I realised I had to turn off the "progressive sampling" option in Graphic Converter's "save as" window. That used to bleach the photo like the earlier one of a probocis monkey.  I reinstalled my hardisk so in the process of getting things up and running, I forgot several of these critical options.  

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