Compare maps with provides a mechanism to compare two maps from different years, lovely stuff! The good thing about this is the two maps magnification and location are in sync as you adjust views. I think I’ll include this in an ecology tutorial next semester.

There is lots more on this site at

Free Mac aps you shouldn’t leave home without

Having installed a new hardisk on my 3-year old Mac Book Pro, I am in the process of resinstalling my applications to get going once again.

This is a list of FREE apps that any Macuser would find useful. A Mac out of the box is much less effective without these.

  1. Skitch – screen capture which allows you to grab, annotate and store images online, send as a link or attachment. I use this heavily for images for my blog, illustrating maps or instructions and as a rough drawing tool.
  2. Jumpcut – multiple clipboard tool, I have it remember my last 50 cuts, can access by hotkey or from menubar. Really useful when you multi-task!
  3. Google’s Quick Search Box or QSB – launch your apps, files and do a google search from this window that you can call up from your desktop. I was previously using QuickSilver which is just as effective.
  4. Perian – Multiple QT components. It Quicktime cannot play some video file, you probably need this.
  5. VLC – plays videos and DVDs that QT might not be able to.
  6. PDFlab – split, join, insert pages in a pdf document. So I never have to forward a 30 page pdf when it is only a single page that is relevant;. Small and easy to use; a little buggy at times but a joy to use!

I am sure to append this list in future but this should get you started.

For the complete list of my apps with comments, see: