When does 1GBps come a knocking?

The Next Generation National Broadband Network promises speeds of 100MBps to 1GBps and the OpenNet consortium has begun installation and management of the fibre-optic grid that will facilitate this.

Sooner or later it’ll come to us all in SIngapore since 60% of homes will be fibred-up by end-2010 and 95% by 2012. I checked my building’s post code and the scheduled installation is in the 40% minority at Jun-Sep 2011 (bleah!).

So when do do the optic fibre cables reach you? Check your neighbourhood for an overview or better still, check your postcode and sign up for an alert at http://rollout.opennet.com.sg/

Sep 2011? Bleah!

Anyway, in the meantime, you can get ready by practising NOT to stare down a cable.