Snow Leopard is here (Mac OS X 10.6)!

Before Leopard (OS X 10.5), OS X upgrades were famous for making your older machines run more quickly! Jaguar had me with how quickly it opened Classic (OS 9), while Panther and Tiger were purchased breathlessly for the improvements to the operating system they provided that had old machines responding more quickly.

Not so Leopard with its bells and whistles which I rather unfortunately was no longer in a situation that allowed me time to explore.

So I was glad to read that Snow Leopard will improve things under the hood. And at the lowest ever price for an OS upgrade, there was no hesitation on my part when Kevin Lim twittered Snow Leopard’s availability at the US Apple store. I grabbed his URL and changed “us” to “sg” and ordered.

This morning, I received an SMS about delivery which the office reported in by late morning. it was late evening before I could sit down to run the installation. Tomorrow, I will put it through its paces – I have lectures to prepare and practical schedules to write. First, a snooze after an 18-hour day. Then we’ll see if the system is indeed “better. faster, easier… ”


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