SuperDuper’s new “Backup on Connect” feature

When I last blogged about ShirtPocket’s SuperDuper which I have been using for a few years now, I said,

“My MacBook Pro (MBP) is backed up daily with SuperDuper! The schedule copies over only new files since the last backup [smart update]. SuperDuper! makes the backup drive bootable. Thus if the MBP’s hardisk crashes, I just need to link the backup drive by firewire, bootup and carry on.”

The recent Snow Leopard compatible version of SuperDuper (v 2.6) adds a lovely option – “Backup on Connect”. This means the moment I plug in my backup drive, SuperDuper launches and starts SmartUpdat-ing automatically. And it will “Eject after Copy” so the hard disk is unmounted upon completion; lovely!

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