“Year of no concern for the tiger?”

Letter From Today Online

Year of no concern for the tiger?
Letter from Natalie Cook, Today Online, 05:55 AM Feb 12, 2010

I am disheartened at how Singapore is celebrating the Year of the Tiger.

Instead of highlighting how threatened the tiger is as a species, there are actions and pictures showing a complete disregard for their well-being.

The Singapore Zoo is showing its training methods by placing the tiger in a small cage so that people can walk past and take pictures of them.

On the cover of a local magazine, a celebrity is draped in a tiger skin.

Why can’t we celebrate this beautiful and threatened animal by ensuring that their welfare is our main concern?

How many tigers, if any, will be left in the next Year of the Tiger if we keep on treating them the way we do now?

One thought on ““Year of no concern for the tiger?”

  1. If these people ‘love’ the tiger so much, as to cage and fur them, then it is best that these very same people to spend some quality time in the same enclosures as the felines. I’m sure the tigers would love to thank these people for their efforts.

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