Auto-connect to Wireless@SGx: installation package and manual setup

IDA recently announced a new Wireless@SG automatic log-in feature. Seamless and Secure Access securely and automatically connects to Wireless@SG once within range of a hotspot. There are steps you need to take to set this up though.

An installation package helps set you up for Wireless@SGx
Go to this IDA site to download the installation package for these OS' – iPhone, Windows Mobile 6.1 (and above), Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 10.5 (and above). The existing 1-Click WSG widget on my iPod Touch appears to do the same thing but it is not a secure network, so go get this installer package from iTunes.

Update: steps for installation:

  1. Download the app package.
  2. It will prompt you to install the software.
  3. Once setup, choose the SSA installation from the menu and key in your Wireless@SG userid and password. Be sure not to confuse Singtel from Singnet if you have chosen one or the other.
  4. You should be online. Next time you are in a Wireless@SG hotspot, open your browser and it may be possible you will login seamlessly – it doesn’t always work.

The installation package you download simply helps you set up your secure, automatic connection – so it is for one-time use only. After use, you will see a new setting in your system preferences, e.g. the image below indicates the new settings on my Mac. The package will also add an application called Wireless Connect, but this is not required for connection and you can dump that if you do not find it useful.

Earlier, Hua Qin twittered that now we know what Wireless@SGx is all about! Yeah, at the last couple of me@n mac meetups at HV Starbucks, we did wonder indeed. Finally, the mystery is solved.

Problems? Check your settings
If you have problems connecting after running the package, check your settings manually – I had problems with the Singtel OSX package and was unable to login. Suspecting the installation package made a mistake, I looked at System Preferences > Network > Advanced > 802.1x and found incorrect settings. So I fixed the “User Name” and “Password” there.

Xylo the Cat must have tried to set up Wireless@SGx for himself

Manual Configuration – know how its done
The IDA site also provides SSA Manual Configuration Guides for a wider array of OS’. While the links for M1 and iCell direct you to clearly illustrated pdfs which you can adapt for the relevant provider, the Singtel link requires a login. They mean to provide a manual customised with your userid. However in my case, their OS X manual had gibberish inserted between my userid and domain in the manual. I wonder if this is related to why the installation package messed things up as well. I’ll let them know.

Bliss until 2013
In case you’re wondering, “Wireless@SG is powered by the network of three wireless operators: iCELL, M1 and SingTel. It will be provided free till 31 March 2013.” – IDA FAQ


11 thoughts on “Auto-connect to Wireless@SGx: installation package and manual setup

  1. Hi pertaining to the question above on uninstalling from Mac, fyi I’ve deleted the application but which User Profile from System Preferences are you referring to? Sorry cuz i just started to use a Mac, and i’m a total noob on this…

  2. Hi, I’ve got a mbp, followed all instructions for the manual configuration, since the installation package for mac is under repair. But unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to connect to wireless@sg…is there something extra that you’ve done to connect?

    • Hmm..I havent been trying this – the normal connection works fine with Safari’s autofill feature, so I have not been bothering about SGx. WIll try again.

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  5. Is there any support for Win7 64bit OS? I’m unable to locate a Wireless@SGx that is able to install on the 64bit Win7 OS. Pls advise urgently.
    Thank you.

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