OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010 – critical notes from the Cycle Information Booklet

Update: I found the Cycle Information Booklet via google’s cache and posted a copy here.

I will be going for the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010 40km Challenge tomorrow. After receiving many emails, suggestions to join their facebook group, buy merchandise, get prepared and go for clinics, I finally hunkered down to read the Event Day Info and the Cycle Information Booklet this morning.

Since I knew my cycling kakis, Zendogs, who would be riding down with me were busy until this evening, I sent them emails about the critical things I thought were worth highlighting. You know, like how not to lose $150, how to get your timing clocked, how you need the event bib to start, how you won’t be allowed to start if you are late and diverted if you are too slow. Heh-heh!

Luckily I did read the booklet earlier since OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010 webpage has apparently been timing out since this afternoon.

That timing chip could cost you $150 and needs to be attached on the left fork.
If you fail to return the timing chip after the race, Specturm will charge it to the credit card used to register that participant. Since many OCBC card holders must have paid for their friends’ registration to secure the discount, let’s hope their friends read this!

I am sure event organisers will strip the chips off us immediately after the finish though [update – you’ll exchange it for the finisher medal]. The important news is to attach the timing chip to the left fork of your bicycle (with the ID number on the outside) and at least 10cm away from any electronic device.

Timing Chip
All participants in The Super Challenge – 50km and The Challenge – 40km, please read the instructions on securing your timing chip in Appendix 6.3.
All timing chips must be returned after crossing the finish line. Therefore, ensure that you hand in your timing chip BEFORE leaving the finish area; if you lose your timing chip, we will have to charge you S$150. The amount will be deducted from the Credit Card that was used for the registration.

Event Bib No to be worn on the lower back, right-hand side
I am not pinning this onto my cycling jersey (I like them to last) so I will wear my Camel Pack and attach it to that.

Event Bib Number
“Your event bib number will be included in the Cycle Pack. Event bib MUST be worn on the right hand, lower part of your back throughout the event. Anyone without an event bib will not be allowed in the start zone. (Please write your name and emergency contact person/telephone on the reverse of your bib).”

The Event Time for the Challenge is 6.00am – latecomers will not ride!

“Please note The Challenge – 40km now starts at 6am on Sunday, 7 March.
Participants are advised to be at the F1 Pit Building 45 minutes before your event start time. Unfortunately, we will not accept latecomers to the starting line as start times will be strictly adhered to. We appreciate your understanding on the need to re- open public roads on time.”

Flag off time – appears to be different from the event start time.

Although my flag off timing appears is 6.30am; the event time is 6.00am, so my kakis and I plan to be there by 5.45am and will be leaving Holland Village at 5.15am ought to do it. It’s inevitable to have to hang out during events like this hence it’s best to go with friends. I’ll bring my camera to take in the sight of other cyclists. And water to drink since we will talk much.

If you overestimated your abilities and fail to keep to the relevant timing of your wave, expect to be diverted during the ride!

“The Challenge – 40km

For the safety of participants, riders will be set off in waves (according to the anticipated finish times submitted upon registration) to ensure that riders of similar speed and ability are riding together. A penning system will be set up at the start, as per diagram in Appendix 6.4. The finish time categories and approximate flag off timings are as follows:

Approx. flag off timing/Your estimated finish time

  • 0600hrs – under 60mins
  • 0615hrs – 60 to 90mins
  • 0630hrs – 90 to 120mins
  • 0645hrs – more than 120mins

Riders will be set off in batches of a few hundred and their timing chip will record both their start and finish times. Slow riders who fail to meet projected timings will be diverted, re-routed to a shorter route, or stopped; this is for the safety of all riders and to meet stipulated timings to reopen public roads. The final decision will be made by the Event Organiser, Spectrum Worldwide.”

Goodie bags distributed AFTER the ride

This might be a problem for cyclists who rode down; if it’s sizeable, they may not be able to carry the stuff back. I’m not riding for “goodies” so this is not a tragedy. I usually offload the stuff to others anyway. And I do have a 1.4L camelpak.

The tear-out tab, “Exchangeable for one Goodie Bag” is required for collection of your goodie bag, please do not lose it. Goodie bags will be distributed immediately after the finish line, so ensure that you have your tab with you when you cycle.”