MacBook Pro Battery calibration – every couple of months

My 1.83GHz MacBook Pro bears its fourth battery from March 2009 (the first three were duds). Although the battery icon in the menu bar says rather alarmingly, “Replace Soon” I will try to nurse this battery to year-end. It’ll be painful but I’ll can hang for quite awhile.

I have blogged about batteries many times in my old and current blogs. They are temperamental beasts but I must say things have quietened down considerably – no more videos of batteries catching fire or news of mass failures and replacement programmes.

In fact, I’ve forgotten to do maintenance! I checked with coconut battery and saw this:


I should be calibrating my Mac Book Pro battery every few months so after I’m back from my department retreat, I will do just that. If you are using your laptop pretty much like a desktop and its always plugged in, then it is suggested you calibrate every month!

From the Apple Knowledge Database (instructions unchanged since 2006):

  1. Fully charge the battery until:
    • the power adapter plug’s LED changes to green AND
    • the menu bar meter indicates a full charge.
  2. Maintain for at least two hours, this fully charged state.
    • Keep the adapter plugged in.
    • You may use your computer.
  3. Disconnect the power adapter and run off battery power.
    • You may use the computer.
    • A low battery warning dialog eventually appears.
  4. Close all applications.
  5. Let the mac go to sleep on its own.
  6. Turn off the computer or allow it to sleep for at least five hours.
  7. Connect the power adapter until the battery is fully charged again.

I hear the new MacBooks have 10 hour long lasting, built-in batteries – the thing to ask is for how long?

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