Assisi Charity Fun Day, Sat 29 May 2010: send me your high-grade clutter or help me sell!

N78-311The Assissi Hospice Charity Fun Day is a day to find great music, really lovely food and drink, fruits galore, games, performances and loads of cheery people who all come out to contribute and support a worthwhile cause. Stalls are setup by large corporations and regular folk amidst a strong atmosphere of community spirit which which is an enjoyable experience.

An assortment of friends of friends led by Lekowala will set up our books, bags and trinkets stall for the 3rd year running. It begins with a desperate list and somehow friends of friends who have not yet decluttered chip in and things work out somehow. We also meet pre-event do compile stuff and it’s also a chance to catch up – and try out Lekowala’s baking which is pretty impressive these days!

We seem to have cornered a niche market and will be at stall numbers C11 and C12 this year. We do however, make coffee and in the morning it’s a hot sell. Otherwise most of our other endeavours are limited by strict rules about food handling!

We aren’t just there to raise money but help donors declutter, interact with the people (you WILL meet old friends, especially the Catholics) and help some people find things, all amidst a very genial atmosphere. We also battle the wafting aromas as selling good food is a common place strategy, so do come with an empty stomach!

Sometimes, we even buy our own stuff! Each purchase is announced loudly to cheers from the rest (any sale is a good sale) and added to the Sucker List! Once you show sign of weakness and start justifying why you might need something, everyone chips in to encourage you to make a purchase. And then laughs at you later. My personal sucker list from last year included three books (I read one) and a WWDC bag which the cat sharpened his claws on. There was a globe for honours students to shake and calm down but I guess I must have given that away.

Nat and me with an addition to her Sucker List!

Rambling Librarian, who will be helping out for the third year too says,”

” I found that participating in this charity sale quite cathartic – seeing donated stuff find new owners. I feel like Santa Claus for a day, giving away stuff at bargain prices and delighting some people in the process. And sometimes you have to remind the die-hard bargainers that it’s all for charity. “


Time to declutter! Donate the good stuff you’ll never use!
If you are not using it, you’ll probably not start.Get rid of the clutter in your life! We will take books, bags, trinkets, original DVDs – all must be in good condition. If you can provide a reasonable valuation, it will help guide us about prices at which we can release items. We do try to find pre-fair buyers for the more pricey items such as expensive handbags and carpets.

We have a partial list – partial because we stopped keying in things, the items built up. Let me know if you can offer things up for sale for charity at – I can arrange for a pick up of items. on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon. We have a storage point in Bishan and will troop down to SJI International on Friday afternoon.

Stomtroopers will put in an appearance once again.

Are you good at driving a bargain? We need you!
If you are good at driving a bargain, come down to help! We make the most money for the charity when prices and competition for items are higher. earlier in the day.

Sometimes its not entirely about making money – I remember a young couple who finally decided to buy a single volume of a kid’s encyclopedia only to be told they could take the whole stack. And a young kid whom we gave two stuffed animals for the price of one.

We do get reckless about clearing our stock by the end of the day, but thankfully people get into the swing of things and are quite reckless with their coupons and cash by then too!

Last year we had to contend with the H1N1 scare, contact tracing and what not. We got that all sorted out and everyone did better than 2008. This year Oi Yee is away while Lekowala and Ladybug must leave early for the Sundown Marathon. Peck Wai will be around and is as energetic as Oi Yee. And I’ll try roping in some additional hands to come down, help hold the fort and soak in the atmosphere.

Re: Assis Charity Fun Day 2009

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