The switch to a steel water bottle

Otterman at Assisi Hospice Charity Fun DayI’ve been totin’ a 0.8L Pura steel water bottle recently which cost me US$14.30 before shipping. When I finally took some items to checkout on, the Pura bottle that had been lying wait for more than six months went along. I can report being very happy with the way my drinking water now tastes, or rather, the way it does not taste like anymore.

This switch to steel is now quite easy and this is due to a spike in consumer demand in the US and Canada two years ago. Concerns were raised by the US National Toxicology Program about the potentially harmful presence of the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic drinking water bottles (“Plastic bottle chemical may be harmful: agency,” Reuters, 15 Apr 2008).

I followed the news then with great interest as I was advocating the reduction in use of disposable water bottles as part of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. I was then always carrying a plastic Nalgene water bottle around with me (I have three). After reading several reports, I posted a note about “The reason for steel water bottles.”

Since then, the post has been repeatedly referenced by local consumers. E.g. this sale of steel water bottles on a Hardware Zone forum page. Through comments in the blog post, I learned about Klean Kanteen which is available at Kool Depot, an “online natural pharmacy in Singapore”.

Apart from seeming local favourite Klean Kanteen, I came across New Wave Enviro in and Pura. These bottles are all stainless steel, so are durable, do not have an internal chemical lining and do not retain odours, allowing use of a variety of liquids.

0.8L Stainless Steel Bottle with Loop Cap - Pura Stainless Steel Water BottlesIf you are interested in acquiring a steel water bottle, you will probably read what the various company webpages say (or not say). Do also take note of these few points:

  • If you are switching to steel to avoid plastics, ensure your bottle has a steel CAP.
  • If you like an unobstructed gulp of water, ensure you choose a wide-mouth bottle.
  • If you intend to heat up liquids on a camping trip, get a plain, not coloured bottle.

I like my Pura bottle with its wide mouth and steel cap. It fits snugly into my computer bag which I use for lectures and the bright green bottle prevents me from leaving it behind – I actually ordered an orange-cloured bottle but Ladybug swiped that one. The paint chips off easily with my rough use but we no longer care.

Mind you, it’s heavy compared to plastic or aluminium (Ladybug disputes this though). And when in the audience during a seminar, I learnt that screwing and unscrewing the cap can be VERY noisy. I can muffle that with my handkerchief, I guess.

At 0.8L this bottle is insufficient for a hot, active day with intermittent water supply. I still break out my larger plastic bottles for a walk but hope to retire those soon for a Pura 1.2L or 2.0L stainless steel water bottle.

Can we buy these locally? I almost never visit a shopping centres so am asking – have you seen any on sale locally? Do provide details in the comments please, thanks!

Photo of me at the Asissi Hospice Charity Fun Day, 29 May 2010 by Kenneth Pinto.


3 thoughts on “The switch to a steel water bottle

  1. I have a stainless steel thermo cup for both hot water/tea or ice-cubed water.Made in Japan and cost a small bomb. But very reliable.

  2. Haven’t really looked around locally.

    But I got myself a H2Onya bottle with a stainless steel screw cap while I was in Perth.

    The water in a stainless steel bottle definitely tastes more neutral than water in a plastic bottle. And a lot better than water in aluminium bottles.

    But, silly me, I bought a fancy coffee press cup which is number 7 (other) plastic. *doh!*

    And I wonder how safe my water bladder is too…

    P.S. My goodness, those Klean Kanteens at Kool Depot are pricey!

  3. Hello! Nice information. I’d never heard of this brand before! I personally use Klean Kanteen. These two seem to have a lot of similar attributes. I love the sport cap that Klean Kanteen offers. It’s a really nice edition, especially for exercising or hiking! I highly recommend their products :).

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