The Borg and the Mac Minis

The Borg are here for the Science Mentorship Programme final field work and report writing. They have succeeded in setting up the Mac Minis in LIfe Science Lab 7 from scratch and got online to their gmail accounts. Yeah! They are laughing because I told them "presentation fail!"

Catching up with the WWDC Keynote: iPhone 4, iOS 4 and Safari 5.0

The last time I stayed up for a WWDC Keynote by Steven Jobs was for the announcement of Keynote 1.0 in 2003. Instead, at 6 or 7am, I catch up on twitter (@macrumorslive, @tuawlive) and blog and news accounts (TUAW, Google News with keyword Apple). I'll also open up the Apple webpage (, Apple Store Singapore ( webpages and run Software Update. 

This morning, the twitter downloads revealed new iPhone 4, iOS 4 while Software Update revealed Safari 5. Happy reading!