NUS Digital Library: Circumventing the Wiley InterScience Cookie Error window

In order to access a pdf of paper in a journal that NUS has subscribed to, staff and students insert the NUS Digital Library proxy into the root URL and type enter. If already logged in the user will be granted access to the pdf. If not, relevant windows will first request an NUS userid and password before redirecting to the now accessible pdf.

With Wiley InterScience journal sites, however, the proxy cannot immediately be inserted as this only leads to a Cookie Error window. Clicking the pdf link doesn’t help as redirection leads to a subscription userid access window instead – no point inserting the proxy here. Instead what is needed is to login to NUS Digital Library separately, copy the pdf link from the Wiley site (it will contain ‘PDFSTART’), paste that into the URL window, , insert the nus proxy and hit enter. Access granted.

Normally though, I simply click the pdf, grab the URL in the short second it is displayed, ignore the subsequent redirection, paste the pdf URL back, insert the proxy and hit enter. Just a little more exciting.

Update: I realise that in order to bypass the Access Denied page, all you need to do with the URL is to remove the access denied ID and an additional “cgi-bin” and insert the NUS Digital Library proxy:
e.g. Access denied URL: becomes:
Corrected URL:


4 thoughts on “NUS Digital Library: Circumventing the Wiley InterScience Cookie Error window

  1. Nice tip. Had the same problem too.

    It seems to me that the cookie problem appears if you go to the landing place of the article directly then insert the proxy.

    But if I insert the proxy prior to visiting the url, it works fine.

    For instance, if I do a search in Google scholar and then instead of directly clicking on the result, I insert the proxy using Zotero or LibX toolbar (context menu option), I can get to the page without cookie problems.

  2. Hi Sivasothi, think the cookie problem no longer exists when Wiley changed interfaces. Inserting the proxy should work perfectly now just like other databases.

  3. Hi,there!My name’s Pavel.I’m from Russia and I’m still interested in NUS Digital Library topic you’ve brought up somehow!I’ve tried everything or almost everything to get an access to downloading Wiley & others’ full pdf articles…but without any result.Guys,are there any other tips to do it or maybe is there someone who can help me get some articles ?Someone so very kind and generous to help some Russian fella?)))Help me!PLEEEZZZ

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