“PULAU HANTU” tonight, Sunday 27 June 2010: 10pm on Okto

If you're not a soccer fan there are other delights on television. This is Esan Sivalingam's "Pulau Hantu" (2008) – this is not about coral reefs or the like but some favourite Singapore fare. See the IMDB listing here. I have yet to see it myself but the trailer looks like it would be fun to watch! I can't change the channel from the England vs Germany game as there will be several English fans with me, glued to the set. 

The blurb goes:

Pulau Hantu (lit. translation: Ghost Island) tells the tale of a group of ragtag soldiers who, whilst searching for an AWOL section, inadvertently disturb an unholy grave site.

Day turns to night and the mildly forested area becomes a thick, dense jungle. Ill-equipped and without an inkling as to why these supernatural events have cursed them, they race against time within the cursed island in their fight for survival uncovering past mysteries and hidden secrets – while being terrorized by the revenge-seeking spirits of a native woman and her child who were victimized and murdered by a witch doctor over a century ago.

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3 thoughts on ““PULAU HANTU” tonight, Sunday 27 June 2010: 10pm on Okto

    • Ha-ha, they get people to write these comments nowadays *banishes spam* I missed it too and don;t have a recorder; surely it’ll eventually be available on DVD. Else wait for another local films feature special.

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