August smtp error for OS X users in NUS (unable to send out emails): add domain name to your userid

I have been getting this error when trying to send out emails with my NUS account since 2am on Wednesday:

Microsoft Entourage

I called NUS IT Care and they say their engineers are working on it. They suggested a workaround which works: insert the domain name in the smtp settings. E.g. for Microsoft Entourage, this means going to Entourage > Account Settings… > Accounts > Edit Account (you can double-click the relevant account). to see this window.

Edit Account

Change receiving mail settings by adding the domain name to the userid like so:

  • for staff – “nusstf\userid”
  • for students – “nusstu\userid”.

My smtp settings will adopt these changes. This is because in the advanced sending options for “Sending Mail,” I have selected “Use same settings as receiving mail server”.


That worked for me.

There were other internet problems, like inability to use gmail and google docs, some said MSN was inaccessible. These seems to have since been fixed. NUS ITcare should have a twitter account, would be useful.