Wikipedia featured article on 9th August 2010 – “The flag of Singapore”

Wikipedia’s featured article for today was the “Flag of Singapore“:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - featured page in WIkipedai, 09 Aug 2010
Thanks to Alvin Wong for the alert.

A useful link to go along with this article – a pdf of the Singapore Arms And Flag And National Anthem Act (Chapter 296, Section 2), 2004 Edn.

Meanwhile, the Google search page (Singapore domain) featured James Rotanson’s illustration, the competition winner of Doodle for Google 2010, whose theme was “Our Singapore”. I hear via spoonrabbit’s retweet of uniquefrequency’s note.

Google - NDP2010

Now when will they disappear, 0000 hrs on 10 Aug 2010?


Rag & Flag honours for Faculty of Science 2010

From Brenda Chai on the Faculty of Science Facebook page:

“At National University of Singapore’s Rag and Flag 2010, the Faculty of Science walked away with the following awards for Faculty Clubs:

  • NUSSU Challenge Shield for Best Total Coin Collection
  • NUSSU Challenge Shield for Best Per Capita Collection
  • NUS President’s Challenge Shield for Best Total Collection
  • NUSSU Challenge Shield for Most Environmentally Friendly Float
  • NUSSU Challenge Shield for Best Presentation
  • NUS President’s Shield for Best Rag Performance
  • The NUS Chancellor Shield – for being the Overall Champions from the Faculty Clubs.”

Wow, we used to feel happy with the best coin collection for faculties in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was involved in the detailed planning which deployed wiling volunteers to all corners of Singapore but we were hard-pressed to beat the collection by the halls and their very active alumni. The current FoS students have outdone all of that, well done!