Youth Olympic Games begin in Singapore!

Lovely photos from the singapore2010 @ flickr (Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games’ photostream) via their twitter account. The official site is at

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International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said in this opening speech, “Tonight we open a new chapter in the history of the Olympic movement.”

“From this moment on, young people around the world have a chance to participate in a global forum that combines sport, education and culture.”

The Games, which feature athletes aged 14 to 18, are a project Rogge has championed since becoming IOC chief in 2001, with the event designed as a stepping stone for youngsters striving to compete at an Olympics proper. – CNA

Jacques Rogge had also said that Singaporeans will warm up to the games with boys soccer win and the opening ceremony. And Ivan Chew was moved by photos and ceremony enough to blog – “Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG): History, today.”

“It’s easy for some of us to forget that Singapore is really a tiny country, relative to the geographical giants out there.

Whenever I’m in a foreign airport, clearing immigration, I’m reminded of one stark cold fact: outside of my country, the name ‘Singapore’ means little to many.

The next time I’m in a foreign land, faced with puzzled looks when I tell them I’m from Singapore, I’ll add that I’m from that country that hosted the world’s first Youth Olympic Games.”