Ah Ma’s dog

I think this dog belongs to the lady who sells coconut water next to the Jelutong Bridge in Pulau Ubin. He nuzzled me in the midst of an explanation about mangrove plants. I trailed off and remembered the dogs who would appear in the middle of nowhere on solo field trips here and overseas and companionably accompany me during my trek.

I remembered too the black dog who appeared out of the night during my platoon’s first overnight field camp in Pulau Tekong. I had heard the stories and curiously volunteered to stand guard in the most unearthly hours. The dog kept me company until he ran off into the dawn.

The joy of company.

Well, this handsome chap walked with us around central Ubin before parting ways at the village. At one point, when we stopped to examined a cocoa fruit, he frolicked in the sunny grass. 

It was such a wistful sight.