Cycling down to Ubin – time for breakfast?

Apparently, I am cycling down to Ubin tomorrow morning at 5am. The route I posted on Bikely uses smaller roads for a safer ride at a slightly later time. This early it’s safe enough to stay on Ang Mo Kio Ave and head through Boundary Road to Upper Serangoon before joining Tampines Road.

Bicycle Path - Holland Village to Changi, early weekend mornings at

Just before I do that, I will pick up Kenneth Pinto along Bishan Road around 5.20am. If we make it to Changi by 6.45am, there will be time for a quick breakfast before I greet the LSM2251 Ecology class who will arrive at Changi Point Ferry Terminal from four locations around Singapore (see map).

This is the third semester we’re heading out to Pulau Ubin in this new module and the routine is down pretty much pat.With the TAs in control, I will be able to reduce my role in the fourth semester of the module and ease myself out of teaching in the second semester completely by next year. Other opportunities to create for students.

With space and time tomorrow, I will make a quick foray into the eastern forest with a research student to recce a field site. And then to the Maman rocky shore and Ubin Village beach to sniff out a couple of sites for ICCS groups heading there in a week’s time.

Plenty to do and the 3-12 hour weather forecast for the Ubin area seems promising. time for bed then.

20100903-12 hours forecast from 11.19am

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