Ecology class was real lucky with the weather yesterday

You can plan ahead but sunshine is a premium for a field trip. Happily, there was plenty yesterday at Pulau Ubin when the second half of the LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment class took a rewarding peek at the flora and fauna there, from 7.30am to 12.00pm.

Sungei Changi at 7.41am yesterday.
Photo by Amanda Tan

Early this morning, I woke to rumblings which announced a wet morning. Had this been our greeting yesterday, we’d have persisted with the class, having bussed 80 students from four spots around Singapore early on a Saturday morning. But lots of birds would have taken cover from the rain and colours would be dull. Not the best for an introductory field trip.

I was contemplating another bicycle ride this morning and was monitoring the rain at 3am. No joy, so I met the Zendogs I was supposed to be cycling with later for breakfast. It was fun but not as nice as a post-ride breakfast would have been.

Tweets about the weather, 3.05am – 3.49am,
(reverse chronology)

20100905-0930h Rain Areas Animation
A wet morning today

The NEA webpages I monitor before a field trip are:

  • Meteorological Services Division: Marine: Weather Radar Information (largest geographic view) – link
  • Rain Areas Animation – link
  • 3-hour nowcast – link
  • Weather Underground Interactive Radar (provides cloud cover and intensity; hat tip Kok Min Yee) – link (I animate at 8 frames per scond, 75% opacity and use IR4)

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