Appeal for Type ‘O’ blood donors (16 Sep 2010)


“The Singapore Red Cross and the Bloodbank@HSA are calling on type O blood donors to make a donation within the next one or two days. This is because the national blood stock supply for type O blood is low and enough for less than three days.

Donorweb » Singapore Blood Stocks Indicator

“The aim is to bring the current level to at least six days’ supply to ensure that daily transfusion and emergency needs are met. This means the support of at least 400 donors is required.

All healthy individuals between the ages of 16 and 60, weighing at least 45kg, are urged to donate blood. Donors who have not made a donation in the past 12 weeks are also encouraged to come forward.

Blood donations can be made at the Bloodbank@HSA located at 11 Outram Road, opposite the Outram Park MRT Station. Those who wish to make a blood donation can call the Singapore Red Cross at 6220-0183 for details.”

Today Online, 16 Sep 2010

11 Outram Road - Google Maps

In order to donate, the following applies (HSA webpage):

To ensure your health and well-being, you are encouraged to come forward and make a blood donation only if you:

  • Are between 16 and 60 years old;
  • Weigh at least 45 kg;
  • Have a haemoglobin level of at least 12.5 g/dl;
  • Are in generally good health;
  • Have not had any symptoms of infection for at least 1 week e.g. sore throat, cough, runny nose, diarrhea; and
  • Have not had a fever in the last 3 weeks;
  • Fulfill these other conditions – link

Thanks to twitter users for spreading the appeal to address the critically low blood stock today: @acroamatic @gurms @hai_ren @crucifixation @chengpuay @cl0udi3 @dweam @daphnemaia @wilfredphua

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