Onroad, offroad cycling today

I had left the house at 8.30am for a short spin since the weather forecast indicated it was to be cloudy and returned after 12. I had turned down a much longer ride so this was the minimum (46.53km, 3:01:53, avs15.3km/h).

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With my knobbly tyres, I can break off from a road ride to enjoy the offroad trails which NParks has setup along the forest edge in the Central Catchment and Bukit Timah Nature Reserves. There are nice pockets of solitude and peace in the reserve which a cyclist can enjoy.

Specialists mountain bike riders actually drive down with their bikes and engage in muddy rides at the Chestnut Mountain Biking trail. Some of the trails are a little technical and I had to let air out from my tyres to cope and was glad I had good brakes. I switched from the dark sunglasses I had been wearing for the harsh light on the road to the lightly tinted sunglasses to see the canopy-darkened trails. Going relatively slowly allowed me to cope.




Since I was in the area, I extended my ride to campus to turn over and keep the gloves we had washed after the coastal cleanup yesterday. It was tough to restart after a break like that but I had not long left to go by then. And I could refill both water-bottles with cold water before pulling away. It had gotten quite hot by the late morning.


Muddy tyres meant bike maintenance but this took less than an hour once I was back home, since I have had plenty of practise recently. Xylo the cat kept me company, scratching his back on the floor while I went about my maintenance.



2 thoughts on “Onroad, offroad cycling today

    • Yeah, I think it’s stress licking from boredom – and not just tummy but his side; it looks like he had a haircut; now I am stressed too.

      A friend said her mum bathed her cat in neem oil – now, either that cured an itch or the cat hates the taste of the oil. I’m planning to experiment with one paw as what works on one cat might aggaravate another.

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