Ooohhh…Graphic Converter 7 revamps its interface!

I’ve been using Graphic Converter for more than a decade. The interface has not changed much and reminds me of OS 8.6 in some parts. However, it provides the basic functions I need for dealing with photos whilst keeping a small footprint and has the capacity of the rare, more demanding odd-jobs I need to do once in awhile.

Graphic Converter 7

Yesterday I received an email from Thorsten Lemke which said,

“Dear GraphicConverter user,

Many users have been asking us to produce a modern user interface for GraphicConverter for a while now. Here it is at last: GraphicConverter 7 comes with a completely new user interface. Four programmers spent a whole year redesigning the browser and all of the dialog boxes. Test GraphicConverter 7 and experience the intuitive operation for yourself.

New features in GraphicConverter 7
– New user interface (in Cocoa)
– Geodata is shown on a map
– New window for multiple conversion
– Stepless zooming of preview images in the browser
– Clearly organized preferences dialog
– Multiple processor support for more efficient work
– Various small improvements

Curious? Download GraphicConverter 7 now and try it yourself.


Thorsten Lemke
Lemke Software GmbH”

The upgrade is US$26 and a new copy is US$40 – link


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