Helping the cat community in NUS

Civetgirl Xu Weiting and I met with Keven Ang and Ng Weiling, two life science PhD students who have been caring for cats in Science and Medicine Faculties in NUS since 2007. Keven is now also the project director of NUS Cat Café in NUS PEACE (formerly NUS Animal Welfare). We met through an introduction last year by Ong Say Lin (now spending a year in Canada) when he worked on sterilisation and after a recent reminder by Ang Yu Chen.

It is always heartening to meet Keven and Weiling for they are a dedicated pair and also fellow-regular blood donors! Weiting and I are playing a support role to their efforts and the four of us extracted time from impossible schedules for an admin meeting – Keven and Weiling have initiated a recruitment drive for help. While they are not expecting hordes to join them, the hope is a few kindred souls will weigh in to do wonders for the programme and its future.

The recruitment notice is up on the NUS Cat Café blog at: