Xylo the cat alarm clock

This is the face I see every morning, a piercing unblinking stare accompanied by a series of loud “miaow”s in an effort to rally me to conjure up his breakfast. He is a squirmy little worm who eludes my grasp impatiently as I tried to pin him down to give me just five more minutes in bed.

This has actually been boon rather than bane on the many occasions I have slumped to bed at 4am yet need to awaken at 6am. Success means the quickened patter of his paws to the breakfast bowl, accompanied by my stagger to the world of the living during the hectic schedule of the semester.

Trouble is, this alarm works during the semester break as well. So an early riser I will aways be, thanks to Xylo, the cat from the mangrove.

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