Pre-ride cycling checklist

Before a bicycle ride, I conduct a simple check and make preparations the night before to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Here are some notes here which I’ll post on a page in the cycling blog later.


  • Lights: rear and front, working, correct number, clear of debris.
  • Speedometer, handphone, borrowed iPhone in waterproofing for runkeeper.
  • Brake pads clean and functioning.
  • Wheels: tyres inflated, rims clean, no oil, turning okay.
  • All cables, brake and gears: clean, oiled, tension adequate.
  • Saddle, correct one for ride, adjusted, tightened.
  • Gears and chain: wipe down, clean, oiled.
  • Water bottles, filled.


  • Helmet, no cracks, no strap entanglement.
  • Helmet rear light working, bright enough.
  • Gloves, socks, shoes.
  • Reflective ankle bands.
  • Jersey with cash and cards in rear pockets.
  • Shorts with keys in zipped pocket.
  • Clear glasses, sun glasses: washed and antifog applied.


  • Spare inner tube, powdered, in ziploc
  • Tyre puncture repair kit complete, adequate condition.
  • Alan key toolkit.
  • Sunblock, Brave Soldier.
  • Bandana and arm-warmers.
  • Crank Brothers pump.
  • Saddle cover.
  • First aid kit.

This is about it and is best done the night before with a clear head. It usually takes about 10mins when I am cycling regularly as maintenance would be fine, the saddle bag up to date, leaving just a few items to be set aside.


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