My student articles where Ria tossed them to –

I just fixed a link to the articles I penned for The Mudskipper (a publication of the now defunct Biological Sciences Society) between 1987 – 1998. The collection includes a few rare articles for publications by Science Club, Chemical Sciences Society and what was then the department of Zoology.

The Mudskipper was the most consistently produced magazine which featured lots of light-hearted articles by students and staff. These were lovingly printed using an offset-printer and the pages were stapled together to be distributed as a free magazine for some 200 society members. Member’s subscription paid for the paper and the department’s Mr Kee, whom we would assist, did the in-house printing for us free.

Well, perhaps a decade ago, before the events of Chek Jawa, the indefatigable Ria Tan stumbled on the collection of my student articles while rummaging my cupboard. She comandeered the file and threw the lot up on the web almost immediately, as she was wont to do in those days, in an effort called “print to web“. Eventually her efforts gave rise to more illustrious projects like putting the mangrove guidebooks online.

Happily, in her teething stages, she left me with a pre-blogging digital archive from my student days.

Principally The Mudskipper is parked at

My Articles

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