Xylo the cat enjoys a sunspot offered by the afternoon’s sun

We’ve had a spot of rain over here in Singapore, nothing unexpected in January, really, until some monsoon winds from the north subjected us to the sort of deluge we’d expected in December but never saw.

A few days ago on Monday, I was asked if a field trip the next day should go ahead for it had just rained all day. After consulting the many useful NEA pages (some are listed in the blog’s sidebar under “Weather”), the indications were that it’d be lovely in the morning. I received an SMS the next day that the field trip had been a success! Kudos to NEA’s Met Services Division for the many resources which I have used to make meaningful decisions about field trips for several years now.

Sunspots that emerge during intermittent weather are capitalised on for a variety of reasons, but are epitomised in a neighbourhood by the chance to dry laundry. Animals will grab a bit of warmth and it’s not just the “cold-blooded” animals who will bask, but fat cats too.

‘Crazy ang mohs’ who hailed from colder climes would sunbathe on grassy spots in Singapore once upon a time. The tropical-born finally learnt to empathise after the haze darkened our skies in ’97 and after the exceptional deluges by the north-east monsoon in 2006/7 and now 2010/11. The sun’s rays are precious, but we’ll forget this just as quickly when it becomes hot once again and we will wither in the heat and whimper about how hot it is.


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  • “Rain in Singapore causes flash floods in the east.” The Straits Times, 31 Jan 2011 – link.
  • “Flooding in Johor: Worst flood in years,” by Nelson Benjamin, Austin Camoens & Yee Xiang Yun. The Star, 01 Feb 2011 – link.

Mr Bats enjoys some sun and the view.

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