Xylo the cat examines Alstonia leaves

Yesterday, I picked up a bunch of fallen leaves from beneath four trees. I was identifying Pulai trees as there are two – the native Alstonia angustiloba and the exotic A. scholaris. An inter-petiolar stipule on the latter was suggested by the Flora Malesiana key Lekowala had passed me.

However, Xylo the cat rummaged through my neat arrangement and I sat back, defeated. Then before I could work on them, he stopped by to examine the lot. Perhaps he’d sort them out? You know, like a fortune-telling bird!





Despite some initial curiosity, Xylo lost interest in the pile, so I’ll have to work on it later. In case you wondered, Pulai belongs to the latex-secreting Apocynaceae, so I watched to ensure he didn’t bite anything.


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