Auto-connect to Wireless@SGx – in just four steps

I watched in fascination last week as a student struggled to find the Wireless@SG signal and login as we sat in Starbucks, Holland Village. I’ve not had to suffer this acquisition process for some months now and forgot how tiresome it could be. These days, I simply open the lid of my MacBook Pro in a hotspot and I’m online seconds later – the only other place I get that sort of treatment is at home! Lovely, isn’t it?

We were in the middle of a discussion but I figured we could spare the minute to introduce her (and eventually I hope, her friends) to Seamless and Secure Access (SSA) – I pointed to the prompt on the Singtel Wireless@SG welcome screen which suggested just that which she clicked:

  1. The WSG Connect package was downloaded and she was prompted for her mac’s password to allow the installation.
  2. A short while later, the tricky bit – I showed her that the installed WSG Connect application was present in the folder “WSG Connect” within her Applications Folder – the window was actually already open on the desktop.
  3. She ran that “Wireless@SG-Singtel” app which displayed a screen – I pointed to the menu bar tab which said “Configure SSA”.
  4. She selected that menu and drop down which said “Configure” – and followed instructions which eventually prompted for her Wireless@SG userid and password, which she keyed in.

That was it, she was done! I told her she could delete the files and folders in the Downloads and Application folders from the installation. And we carried on with our discussion.

The next time she is in a hotspot and slides her mac out of her bag, it’ll login automatically once she wakes it up.

I wrote a longer story almost exactly a year ago but this is really all there is to it – I’ve showed this to a few friends recently with great glee. It had not actually worked on my mac last year for some strange reason but since the re-installation of my OS last November, Wireless@SGX has been a boon!

Hope it’ll work for you too.

P.s. works with mobile devices too.