Double-decker SBS 95 spotted in campus today!

Coming out of Science Drive 4 at 11.20am this morning, I was surprised by the sight of a double-decker SBS no 95! I twittered the observation, drawing responses from Gaurav, Keropokman and Kenneth. From those responses I surmised that this was its first day out – Kenneth was quite sure and this was pretty much confirmed when Joelle posted a photo on her Facebook page.

So, welcome double-decker, I shall look forward to enjoying your space soon! Hopefully this means that when NUS staff and students pack the bus during the peak hour for the crawl out to Buona Vista MRT station, the NUH community has a better chance of not seeing a fully laden bus roar past in dismay.

Joelle Lai - double-decker 95!
Opposite University Hall, NUS (Photo by Joelle Lai)

Double-decker 95!
Holland Avenue

Posters on Buddhism SG Forums suggest that the SBS Transit bus model is the Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2).


3 thoughts on “Double-decker SBS 95 spotted in campus today!

  1. The bus 95 route takes more than half an hour from NUS to BVista station during peak congestion hours.

    Half a year more, when the Circle Line is open, it will be a breeze. Maybe that is when 95 will be less crowded too?

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