What mountain and river was that?

This morning I went for a recce and once again, borrowed Ladybug’s iPhone 3GS and activated Runkeeper. When the trip was over, I screen-grabbed the relevant part of the image and annotated it with Skitch. The plot of the walk is indicated as a red line on an underlying Google Map.

I usually make a note of the direction of prominent landmarks to register details of the landscape in my mind, and there are unknown points, they can be identified later with the use of a paper map or by zooming out from the Runkeeper layer above Google Maps.

So the river we were looking up into and the mountain towering above us during the recce in the north-west were Sungei Skudai and Gunung Pulai in Johor, Malaysia.

There is no need to wonder that long with an iPhone handy, really, since calling up Google Maps will reveal your current location and orientating yourself will reveal names of these prominent points.

I am sure there are apps which track GPS more effectively, but for now, RunKeeper!

Update – Wari, an avid cyclist who has been plotting his rides for quite awhile now, recommends Motion-X GPS for the iPhone, which I have just downloaded:

“My fav app for doing real actual work with GPS is Motion-X GPS, @ $0.99, gives you an extensive utility on the phone. On top of that you can pre-download tiles of OSM maps for those areas you know you don’t have coverage. Give it a shot, the features are just too extensive to fit in a reply post.”