Enable Google Labs feature to make “reply all” your default in GMail

Often in email exchanges with several people, my students or the collaborator will email me alone and not everyone. Then I have to do the honours of re-inserting the rest before I respond to the comment or forward it on. These are obviously comments which are relevant or would be of interest to the rest.

When this happens when everyone knows each other and are ‘liking’ each other’s comment on facebook the same day about that same subject, I sure do feel like cussin’.

So I try to remember to ask when we are face to face to weed out irritating habits. Sometimes though, I get the response “I didn’t realise,” or “I accidentally clicked reply instead of reply all”. Then it dawned on me that their default on gmail is “reply” and “not reply all”.

So if you are highly collaborative or are rarely ever on long lists of emails on the CC list of people you don’t want to talk to, then enable a feature within Google Labs, called “Default ‘Reply to all'” by a certain Mark K. Thanks dude!

Mailplane for sivasothi@gmail.com

Mailplane for sivasothi@gmail.com

Google Labs is full of lovely stuff – a favourite of mine is “Send & Archive” by a certain by Pal T.

Thanks, Pal! 🙂

Holy cow, it’s Google Cow!

Last December, Google Labs announced Google Body Browser and said it was the ‘Google Earth for the human body’. You would need Google Chrome Beta before heading to bodybrowser.googlelabs.com

Well my Chrome opens to the body browser and when I looked just now, I saw this:

Google Cow - Google Labs

The accompanying video explains more about Google Cow:

This year, on 1st April 2011, there was Google Motion Google Teleportation, Google Docs Motion, etc. – read more about all this.

Which was your favourite? Obviously mine was Google Cow. I would actually find this useful!

A sickening sea of trash

The north-east zone captains conducted their recce on Saturday in preparation for September’s International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. The sight that greeted them at Sungei Seletar took their breath away.

“Looks like Kranji when we first started working there.”

Kranji was actually worse when we started in 2001. But it became decent after a decade of effort – gentle, small group efforts which protected the mangrove from damage.

Well, the north-east zone captains are not dismayed. They are long-timers with ICCS Otters and are a strange lot. They crack their knuckles at the sight of man’s indifference to the environment. They are motivated to go to war.

Well now, here we go again.