A minty kick in the butt

In the past couple of weeks, with sleep a luxury, I have had to reach out for my Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower. I have used this for many moons (animal-testing free) and use it sparingly – usually when I am radiating heat after a long, hot ride.

This time both body shower and shampoo were activated to give me a boost not just in the mornings but after returning home late and exhausted. I’ve needed to stretch the day into the early mornings and an invigorating shower has made all the difference. Well, I just about kept my head in the game.

When my twittering friend Chew Lin asked for minty suggestions this morning, I reminded her about Original Source, which I get from Cold Storage. Immediately she salivated over the webpage offerings and went one further, pointing me to their extra-strong XXX:

Original Source XXX

They write, “In case of emergency, look no further than our XXX black mint body wash – the ultimate instant eye-opener.” Woo-hoo – the regular stuff is already a boost, imagine this! But really, sleep is good and I’m planning to get more of it in the near future and not require a XXX dose. Meanwhile Chew Lin must be shopping…


3 thoughts on “A minty kick in the butt

  1. Hi,

    Tried seraching for the Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo in Singapore, but was unale to locate any. Do you know where I could get them now (no longer carried by Cold Storage).

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