ACRES World’s Saddest Dolphin campaign has gone international with Avaaz

ACRES has run the “Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins” campaign in hope of restoring the freedom of 25 wild-caught dolphins meant for captivity at Resort Worlds Singapore. As far as I am concerned, this plan to bring dolphins for display is a direct challenge our dignity as a nation. Are we really going down this road of having dolphins jump through hoops?

It has also been tiring to hear very old and worn arguments from the 80’s and 90’s surface about the research and conservation benefits of having dolphins in captivity. The myriad of ills which the ocean faces will not be aided by any of this.

Thankfully, we have ACRES to take the lead in organising a coherent and dedicated campaign to address this through the Saddest Dolphins campaign

About an hour ago, the local campaign received a boost through the international civic organization Avaaz, who have appealed for the voice of their members and the international community to support the campaign.

The goal of this global web movement is “to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere,” and the petition to Resorts World Sentosa states:

“We call on you to release all the wild dolphins from captivity, stop your practice of buying dolphins caught in the wild, and support global efforts to end the hunting and capturing of wild dolphins.”

Avaaz hopes to collect 500,000 signatures from around the world and deliver the petition to Resorts World and the media. It is heartening to watch signatures from around the world lend their support to this campaign.

Avaaz - Save the Saddest Dolphins 

Click to view current status.

Adrian Loo has blogged about this too.


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