New version of NParks map of Pulau Ubin, verdict: I prefer the old map

Update (27 Dec 2015; since many still visit this post) – I love the 2015 NParks Ubin map; download it from the NParks Ubin webpage. And I say so here.

It’s that time of the year when we need to submit our detailed time-tables for incoming students to consult. While doing this, I hopped over to check the NParks webpage since students will be checking their map of Pulau Ubin when they plan their trip there for the second-year ecology module.

I see that NParks has posted a new map, which may be a November 2010 version. It is 3,509 x 2,489 pixels, larger than the old 2,500 x 1,538 map. It omits most of OBS land, focusing instead on the area under NParks management.

PulauUbinMap 2014
Click for larger view or download from the NParks Ubin webpage.

NParks map from mid-2000.

The lookout points are labelled and the streams are clearly defined. The Ketam mountain biking trails are labelled, although I wish the black and blue trails were labelled with the relevant colours. Perhaps those colours didn’t work. But you realise black and blue is the colour unskilled riders come out peppered with!

At times, the symbols get in the way which I never like. The NParks Office symbol in Chek Jawa is sitting on each other. “Jalan Endut Senin” is never clear in both appearances and Jalan Sam Heng is partially obscured. Two brown arrows get in the way of Kelichap and Punai huts on the Chek Jawa route. And you are not sure where the point of Bukit Puaka actually is; arrows should have been used.

“Jalan Wat Siam” is truncated to “Jalan Wat Sia”- must be a mistake, must drop them a note. Bad enough we lost the Thai temple, no need to lose the name as well! The road names are capitalised – mixed case is easier to read. The green dotted lines are not explained. Oh dear, the rivers are not labelled and neither are the quarries!

And I wonder if the name Trjup Hut north of Ketam Quarry is correct.

[Update – One of my students Fung Tze Kwan added a comment to this post on facebook – yes, Pulau Ubin is a rustic destination but the new map gives it the feel of a town park. It should reflect the nature of the destination better.]

I won’t just complain, (complain, complain), I’ll send this feedback in. [update – I did.]

Hmm…so I have to say, I prefer the old map.

If you want to get a grip of Pulau Ubin, I recommend examining OneMap, Google Maps and StreetDirectory, the net result from the three is pretty decent. What I really miss is my 1:1000 colour map, which was accidentally disposed, sigh. Well, there is this.


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