“Singapore Biodiversity: An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment” is launched!

“Singapore Biodiversity: An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment” was just launched at the National University of Singapore by President Nathan, in the presence of about 150 people including VIPs Mah Bow Tan, Vivian Balakrishnan, Tommy Koh, donors, sponsors, contributors and other members of the university and natural history community.

Many people contributed to the volume and the general editors are Peter Ng, Richard Corlett and Hugh Tan. Ria Tan will be blogging a review in her indefatigable way at Wild Shores Singapore this week.

Singapore Biodiversity

The immediate question is “where can I get a copy?”

It will be available in major bookstores. and should have arrived last week. The NUS Co-Op informs me the retail price of the book is $69.50 but they will be selling it at a 20% discount from tomorrow, i.e. for $55.60 (update – I learn form EDM that this will always be the price for NUS staff and students).

The publisher EDM puts their books on the international market so I checked a few sites to find pre-ordering already available with free local shipping (Super Saver Shipping) in these countries:

Interestingly this online shop, The Book Depository has it on sale for US$37.50 with free shipping to numerous countries including Singapore. For us that means S$45.75!

I have not purchased from the Book Depository but reviews online (e.g. at Great Deals Singapore) seem reassuring.


  • News report of the launch the same night – “Guide to Singapore’s biodiversity launched,” by Sara Grosse. Channel News Asia, 18 July 2011.
  • Raffles Museum News post about the launch with a brief description of the book’s contents. 20 Jul 2011.

One thought on ““Singapore Biodiversity: An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment” is launched!

  1. Hey siva, checked on book depository. The book’s available for pre order now, will be made available in 63 days for those who don’t mind waiting. Reliable site, I buy from it often.

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