Equatorial spitting cobra at Sungei Mandai Besar mangrove, 2005

Examing archives and spotted this – Adrian Loo and I were with some undegrads at the time, setting them up for their research work at Sungei Mandai Besar mangrove on 23 Dec 2005.

Something alerted me, so I stopped the student who was about to peer inside a bush. I walked around and there it was, an Equatorial Spitting Cobra (Naja sumatrana) inside the bush.

It glid away, disturbed to the back mangrove subsequently. And there were two.

Equatorial Spitting Cobra, Naja sumatrana, Mandai Besar, 23 Dec 2005

Equatorial Spitting Cobra, Mandai Besar mangrove, 23 Dec 2005

See also “A snake came to my water-trough. On a hot, hot, day…” and Ecology Asia for notes on the species.

Nooks and crannies

I love setting up new spots for the cats. A neighbour leaving for new pastures donated a cupboard. I padded the top, positioned it at the foot of the bed and watched as the cats discovered it.

This spot is now part of a ritual with a purring Mr Bats – he hops up there for a pre-snooze rub down and massage before I hit the bed. Tough when I’m exhausted but his purring soothes the soul.

Mr Bats - nook